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Award-Winning Dentist in Spring TX

Dr. Clifton Baldwin is an award-winning Dentist in Spring TX that has cared for 1,000s of patients during the last 30 years practicing general and cosmetic dentistry. He utilizes the latest technology to ensure that his patients have not only healthy teeth and gums, but also have their perfect smile. He has expertise with Invisalign Clear Braces, Veneers, and in the entire process of creating a Total Smile Makeover!

Over the years, Dr. Baldwin has also carefully built an exceptional support team of experienced, caring professionals. This team of Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Financial Administrators, and Customer Service Representatives help ensure that all your needs are met, and that you are completely satisfied with our services.


As a Preferred Invisalign Provider in Spring, TX, Dr. Baldwin has the experience and expertise to ensure that you get the best possible results. The "Preferred" designation is given only when a Dentist has completed all requirements that show total competency with the procedure. You can be assured you are in good hands with Dr. Baldwin!

Spring TX Dentist Blog

Dental Bridges vs. Implants

Post on 01/30/2014
Dental Bridges

Patients suffering from damaged or missing teeth are often faced with the decision of choosing between dental bridges or implants as a treatment procedure. Both treatments are effective in restoring functionality and jaw action. However, from the point of view of the average patient, it can still be quite confusing as to which is the best alternative for their specific case. We give you a quick rundown on the difference between dental bridge and dental implant procedures as well as a cost comparison.

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge is basically non-removable prosthesis that is constructed and attached to remains of the patient’s natural teeth. The dental bridge has been the traditional dental remedy for replacement of missing teeth for several years before the dental implant was devised. It is a procedure that has been tweaked and tailored over time to suit patient needs. The aesthetics are great, with an outcome of having a full set of natural looking teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants, unlike dental bridges, are a series of treatment procedures in which a dental technician will recreate your missing tooth. The core of this “fake tooth” is a titanium implant which will fit snugly into your jawbone’s tooth socket. This implant will bond with your jaw over time and become one, preventing any bone loss and restoring functionality of your mouth. You will be able to chew, smile, talk, and sing as you did before. Cost-wise, however, bridges are far more economical than the dental implant. Total fees on getting implants only begin where the high-end of a dental bridge procedure cost ends. In fact, dental implants can be several thousand dollars more expensive than the dental bridge.

With the above knowledge and advice on hand, you are much better equipped to make an informed choice between dental bridges or dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Dr. Baldwin and his team would be happy to offer a free consultation and give you a professional opinion about which option is best for your condition. With 30 years in practice as a Dentist in Spring TX, you can rest assured of getting an honest and accurate opinion.

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Healthy Smile for 2014 … and an iPad!

Post on 01/01/2014
New Year

A new year brings on new opportunities to set goals and create a healthier you. At Dr. Baldwin’s office, we hope that those goals include achieving optimal dental health, and understanding that under the right care, it’s not overwhelming to achieve your most beautiful smile!

This year marks Dr. Baldwin’s 30th year practicing dentistry in the Spring/North Houston area. We want you to know that Dr. Baldwin is as committed as ever to provide you the best, most affordable care. Whether you are simply due for your next routine dental check-up and cleaning, or you are considering Invisalign or Veneers to make a more significant difference in the appearance of your smile, you can count on Dr. Baldwin!

To start the new year off right, we are giving all new patients that come in by 2/28 a chance to win a new iPad Mini! If you’re a current patient, then don’t worry, we have something special for you as well. Just ask the office staff about it during your next appointment!

So if you’re looking for an award-winning Dentist in Spring TX, then let us prove why we’re your best choice! Call today for a free consultation at 281-893-4746.

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