Invisalign is a massively popular option for teens and adults across America who want to get their teeth straightened. They work on a similar principle as traditional braces but without the unsightly and uncomfortable wires and brackets.

Invisalign uses a set of trays that are made of a transparent, plastic material. Each tray straightens the teeth a bit more. The use of computer imaging technology allows your dentist to custom-make the trays for the specific needs of each patient.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign has at least five major advantages when compared to traditional braces.

  • Superior comfort – Since the trays are made of smooth plastic, they are very gentle on the inside of your mouth. There is not a single wire or bracket to poke at your mouth during the treatment time.
  • Superior treatment time – While wire braces often need two years for a complete treatment, Invisalign can complete the same task in 9-15 months.
  • Superior Aesthetics – Let’s face it. Braces are impossible to hide. However, the clear plastic trays used by Invisalign are practically invisible to the human eye.
  • Superior eating situation – Ask anyone you know who has ever worn braces. The list of foods you can’t eat is long. Because the Invisalign trays can be popped out at any time, you can remove them for every meal and enjoy the food you like.
  • Superior oral hygiene – It’s no small thing to brush and floss around the wires and brackets that come with braces. Invisalign trays can be removed during your oral hygiene each day, so brushing and flossing is simple.

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