Tooth Colored Fillings

For many years, silver fillings were the option of choice for filling cavities. While they are strong, the silver look is aesthetically displeasing to many patients. Today, modern dental technology has provided composite fillings that are tooth colored. The color can be custom matched to the shade of your other natural teeth so that the filling is not noticeable. More and more patients are choosing to replace their old, silver fillings with the more pleasant-looking tooth colored fillings.

A mix of plastics is used which is called composite resin.

While each dental plan has its own coverage guidelines, many will pay for part of the tooth-colored fillings. If your insurance plan does not, we are able to work with most patients and provide financing. Please don’t let the financing keep you from improving your smile in such a dramatic way!

Under normal conditions, tooth colored fillings will last from 7-10 years.

Usually, one or two cavities can be replaced in each appointment.

If you are interested in learning more about tooth-colored fillings and possibly replacing your silver fillings, please contact Dr. Baldwin’s office. Hundreds of Spring, Texas, residents have enjoyed the benefits of getting tooth-colored fillings at Dream Smile Team.